Health Insurance Catastrophic

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Health Insurance Catastrophic

Posted by Brunette Amou on Saturday, 12 October, 2019 19:01:00

Most Americans receive their health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan. But people who are self-employed, work part time, aren't working or work for a business that doesn't provide health coverage are typically on their own. People in these types of situations often turn to individual

Catastrophic health insurance plans have low monthly premiums and very high deductibles. They may be an affordable way to protect yourself from worst-case scenarios, like getting seriously sick or injured. But you pay most routine medical expenses yourself.

Plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace are presented in 4 "metal" categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. ( "Catastrophic" plans are also available to some people.) FYI Metal categories are based on how you and your plan split the costs of your health care.

Catastrophic health insurance companies provide premiums as low as $30 per month and as high as $300 per month. The rate you pay will be based on several different variables, including the plan's coverage and the deductible you choose. Comparing plans can be time consuming, but a Trusted Choice

If you can't afford to buy health insurance through your employer or from The Health Insurance Exchange, you may be able to buy a basic health plan covering essential health benefits for unexpected illnesses or accidents.It is designed to protect you from high out-of-pocket costs for a catastrophic health event.

More consumers and employers are turning to high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), often known as "catastrophic health insurance," as rising health insurance costs makein it harder to make ends meet for both businesses and individuals.. These plans feature low premiums in exchange for high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.